Monday, August 3, 2015

And so it begins...

Hi everyone!

I've been wanting to try something new, and after looking at other fashion and teaching blogs I've decided to bring those two interests together and create a teacher fashion blog for my last year of college. 

Here at Style Elementary I will post the outfit for each day that I student-teach in along with an motivational quote for the day. I will link each post (aka outfit) to Pinterest as well.

I'm excited about doing this because I think it will help me stay motivated to finish my degree and dress well while doing it. I'm hoping to help others to do the same and find their own teacher fashion style, as it is a little tricky to migrate from college student fashion style to a professional teaching fashion style. 

In the fall 2015 semester I will mostly student-teach 3 days a week (meaning 3 posts a week) and in the spring 2016 semester I will student teach everyday, five days a week (equalling 5 posts a week). This a brand new idea, though, so things could change.

I hope you decide to follow along with me throughout the year and find some inspiration for yourself, whether you are a teacher, college student, twenty-something, or whatever you may be.

- Elizabeth

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