Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5: First Day of School!

Hi everyone! Today was my technical first day of school. Although I didn't student-teach today, I had orientation for this semester of student-teaching at my school.

Today's Outfit

Top from TJ Maxx (Brand is Mine)
Pants from Old Navy
Sandals from Charlotte Russe

Even though school is starting back, it's still summer and I'm dressing to match the season. The pants that I'm wearing  (that I got on sale recently for <$10) have a cute fish-pattern on them that remind me of the beach and the sandals seem to match perfectly. 

Today's Words of Wisdom

"Step out of your comfort zone, for that's when life truly begins." 

Good thing to remember as the new school year starts. Hope everyone has a great first day back!


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