Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4

Happy Friday, everyone! Meet me in my "my eyes are too watery to wear contacts so I must wear glasses" look.

I'm still getting over this cold, but I know I'm at the end of it now. I love kindergarten, but it takes a lot of energy (which makes it even harder when I don't feel good), so I'm looking forward to this 3-day weekend! Yay!

Today's Outfit

Top from Cato's 
Cardigan from Old Navy
Pants from Old Navy
Flats from Old Navy

This is one my summer-to-fall transition outfits. Summery pants paired with a fall-colored top. A cardigan because sometimes my school likes to pretend it's the North Pole.

Today's Words of Wisdom

"I can do this."
(What I had to tell myself this entire week when I just wanted to crawl back in bed haha)

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!


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