Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reaching the Finish Line


So my last day of student teaching was April 28 and since I don't have finals I am done with college. Even a few days later it's still hard to believe.

I had a great student teaching experience. I loved my mentor teachers and students and it was very hard to say goodbye. That afternoon they all surprised me with a party and gift and it was so sweet - I definitely struggled to hold back tears. 

Love my gift and will definitely use in my classroom!

Inside Out Goodbye Cards

Now I'm moving on to graduation! I have the Honors Showcase in two days (where I receive my Honors hood) and then the next day is graduation!! :)

Last night my teacher friends and I decorated our graduation caps! Take a look!

My wonderful Disney cap with a quote I plan to put in my classroom someday:

All of our caps:

So excited for graduation! These are exciting times! :)

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