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Welcome to Style Elementary!

Style Elementary is a teacher fashion blog by a student-teaching college student in the Mobile Bay Area.

Most posts at Style Elementary contain two things:

1) the outfit that I wear to student-teach in that day

2) a daily motivational quote

In the fall 2015 semester I  student-teach 3 days a week in a kindergarten placement. Currently I am in my full-time semester of student-teaching and am posting 4 days a week (because Fridays are casual school T-shirt days). 

But there is huge gap (more about that here) from Nov.-March. Sorry about that, guys. 

Anyways, each outfit is posted on my Pinterest page as well.

Also worth pointing out: I'm a college student and in no way do I have a large budget to spend on clothes. I don't think I have a set style. I buy clothes at reasonable prices from a variety of places and am not afraid of hand-me-downs and thrift stores. I buy and wear things that simply catch my eye and that I like.

Teaching is a challenging but rewarding career. Teaching is one of society's most important jobs and teachers are expected to dress in a way that reflects that importance.  I love that in teaching you are given the freedom to create your own style (as long as it is appropriate and professional, of course). I believe in the saying, "If you dress better, you feel better." I think that dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable and happy helps to build the confidence you need to be a successful teacher.

If you're visiting this blog, I hope you find some inspiration in whatever way it may be - through an outfit or a quote or whatever else. I know transitioning from a college wardrobe to a professional wardrobe is tricky for everyone and I hope you'll want to follow along as I learn to change wardrobes while still keeping my personality in my style.

Thanks for stopping by!


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