About Me

This is me. Holding an apple. Because teachers like apples. :)


I'm Elizabeth and I am an elementary/special education student in my last year of college. I am from the Mobile, Alabama Bay Area and I still currently live in and attend school in this area.

In January I began my full-time student-teaching in a third grade placement and graduate in May! :) Last fall I did part-time field experience in a kindergarten placement and the previous spring I was in a fifth grade placement. Also, this past summer I was a camp counselor for 5/6 year-olds. I also teach Children's Church at my church.

Besides working with kids, I enjoy reading and baking totally unhealthy desserts. I also like to write and hope that I can someday be both a teacher and an author. Although I'm not very well-traveled, I enjoy learning about other places and cultures and I wish to travel more after I graduate. Lastly, I am a huge Disney fan and I may or may not dream of having an Up-themed classroom one day...

Oh, also, I got an internship at Disney that begins in June!! More about that here.

So that's basically me in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to becoming a teacher and am excited for what the future holds.

Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope that you have a magical day!


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